Covid update Friday 19th June 2020

As some of the lockdown restrictions are easing, we must all be even more careful to we keep safe and obey guidance, to try to prevent a flare up of the disease in the community.

Face Coverings

As we explained in our last update, all patients attending the surgery MUST wear face coverings. These need not be masks, but may be scarves etc. If you want a mask these may be purchased from local pharmacies.

 We cannot provide masks from the surgery.

You will not be allowed into the surgery if your face is not covered.


Many of our consultations will continue to be by telephone or video.  It has been really helpful when patients have been able to provide us with readings using their own BP machines, thermometers and oxygen saturation meters. If you have access to these, or are able to obtain them, we would encourage you to have results available when you speak to us.


The practice is supporting the PRINCIPLE Trial from Oxford University. You may receive a text from the practice outlining this. It is not a scam. It invites patients to contact the study team only if they have symptoms and and are interested in participating. It will not be sent to everyone.

 We would encourage participation as appropriate.

We will NEVER ask for details of banking etc. If in doubt, check with the surgery

Other Conditions

It remains important that you seek medical advice if you have any concerning symptoms and do not delay because of covid.

All consultations will initially be by telephone, so do not turn up at the surgery unless invited.


Please telephone as early in the day  as you can if you need to speak to a doctor – appointments are in high demand again and if you contact us in the afternoon, unless urgent, we may be unable to accommodate you that day

Stay safe. Stay cautious. Follow the guidance