Covid Update January 26th 2021

There continues to be significant illness associated with Covid in the Porthcawl area. Please remain vigilant and obey the guidance strictly.


So far we have administered 871 vaccines to the over 80’s, and have used up all our supplies. We anticipate receiving up to 900 more this week and will be able to complete vaccinating over 80’s and start over 75’s in the surgery. We also hope to start delivering vaccines to the housebound over the age of 80.

We will contact you with your appointment – do not contact us.

70 to 75 year olds

We have no role in administering vaccines to this age group. This will be done in the mass vaccination centres.

It is important that you attend if you are offered an appointment as we cannot vaccinate you.

We have no knowledge of (or control over) appointments for this age group so please do NOT contact the surgery.

If you have questions contact 01685 726464


Once we have vaccinated the over 75s we will move on to those who are shielding – again please do not contact us – we will contact you when supply is available.


Lots of people have asked about these. They are relatively cheap from any pharmacy or online store (less than £20) and although we appreciate not all can afford them, if you have the resources they can be a useful tool to check your oxygen levels if you are unwell.

If you do purchase one and need to contact us because you are unwell, please have the readings available.


Continue to follow the guidance even after the vaccine

Covid remains a serious illness – if you are unwell seek help.

Prevention is better than having the illness

Please follow the guidance, and don’t consider yourself or your family to be exceptions

Masks MUST be worn when attending the surgery for any reason including vaccination. If you are unable to, please discuss this with the doctor when making the appointment and they will decide how best to see you