Covid Vaccination Update

We are continuing to administer vaccines daily as follows

Over 80’s
We have administered 1160 vaccines which is 89% of this age group. The others are either housebound (90 patients) and will be vaccinated shortly, or are unwell, or we have been struggling to make contact. All will be contacted soon.

75 years old to 79 years old
By Wednesday of this week we will have vaccinated 653 in this age group which is 69% of the people in this group. We will continue to call in patients daily as supplies permit – we expect another significant delivery tomorrow.

Shielding patients
So far we have vaccinated 170 who fall into the age ranges above – the others in this group will be approached after the over 75’s

Age 70 to 74
This group will be vaccinated in the vaccination centre in Bridgend. It is VITAL that you attend there if you are invited to, as you will not be routinely called by us.

We will contact you with a date and time to be vaccinated – please do not contact us.
We cannot fit you in or make exceptions – lots of people are asking.
The vaccine supplies are enough now and we are working through them as they arrive. Please be patient.

Thank you for your support
We are progressing the vaccination as quickly and as safely as we can.

Please continue to follow the guidance – this applies even if you have had one dose of vaccine.