Update 26th August 2021

The surgery is really busy and under pressure at present as are all GP surgeries across Wales. There are many reasons for this, including long hospital waiting times, transfer of work from secondary care to GP’s and people presenting who have delayed because of covid.

We understand how very frustrating it is when you seek an appointment – we can only apologise and ask that you are patient – we are doing everything we can to offer consultations to as many patients as possible, but the number of appointments is finite.

We continue to see patients face to face as clinically needed, and we continue to consult with all patients who have an urgent medical need, on the same day.

Please do not contact the surgery about hospital waiting times unless your condition has significantly changed.

Appointments continue to be made only by telephone – this is fair and equally accessible for all. It also allows some triage and screening of at risk patients. Only telephone before 11am if you are requesting an appointment –all other enquiries should be after 11am.

Econsult is available for enquiries but NOT to request consultations


Cases in our area are rising again on a daily basis and double jabbed people are being infected, including practice staff. Please continue to be careful, wear masks in crowded areas and try to meet up in well ventilated premises.


It remains our policy that every adult entering the building MUST wear a mask. This is as a kindness and act of respect towards others especially the ill and vulnerable. If for any reason you are unwilling or unable to wear a mask, please let us know before you enter the building and we will make appropriate alternative arrangements. Please do not react angrily if asked to wear a mask.

Blood tests

There is now a national shortage of blood testing bottles. We have been contacted by Welsh Government and asked to limit blood testing. This means that routine, non urgent and screening blood tests will not be available for the next few months, and some bloods tests which you have already booked may be cancelled. This is NOT our fault and is a Wales-wide problem.


Flu vaccine planning is underway – we will communicate as details are confirmed. Do not contact the practice.

These are truly difficult times for the health service which was under pressure before covid. Many of the issues we are experiencing are out of the control of the practice. Please be patient – we are honestly aware of the situation and doing everything we can to help.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We especially appreciate the wonderful NHS Bakers who continue to provide us with very welcome goodies each week – the effect on our morale is incredible!