Update 23rd September 2021

General practice remains extremely busy and we are experiencing unprecedented levels of demand for appointments at the moment.

We are all working very hard, but appreciate how frustrating it can be to access an appointment with us, and how long the waiting times for the hospital are.  We really appreciate your support: there is a limited capacity and we are doing all we can.

We continue to assess patients on the telephone as a first line. This is to keep vulnerable patients safe from the high levels of covid in Porthcawl at the moment, and to maximise appointment availability.

In Porthcawl we have continued to see patients face to face throughout the pandemic, and we continue to do so based on need. Please don’t be dismayed by current media reporting.

Although there is high demand for appointments we also continue to guarantee that if you have a genuine medical need, you will have a consultation on the same day.

Flu appointments

We are aware of the issues regarding telephoning for flu appointments. The lines are very busy.  We are working on a solution- in the meantime please be patient – no one will miss out

Covid boosters

GPs in our area have not been asked to administer covid boosters. When yours is due you will be contacted directly by the health board.

(Please note – some have received letters stating they will have boosters and flu vaccines at the same time. THIS LETTER IS IN ERROR and was not sent out by us. Flu vaccines continue to be administered by us, and covid vaccine boosters by the health board.)

PCR testing

If you have ANY symptoms which MAY be covid related you MUST obtain a PCR test. If you are symptomatic a lateral flow test is not sufficient. This applies to all ages including children and babies. If you have a temperature or other covid symptoms, having a PCR test before contacting us will speed up the process of being seen, though clearly if you or your child are unwell you should not delay seeking review.


This is not a replacement for a consultation. In particular please do not use it for unwell children, or people with temperatures. There may be a significant delay in an econsult response. We believe we have a good relationship with our patients in Porthcawl and have truly appreciated the support we have received. These are difficult days across the NHS, and we are thankful that we can continue to work together. The situation is demoralising for doctors, staff and most of all patients. We continue to need your encouragement and help at this time as we do our best to serve the community