Update June 2022

Mask wearing

Welsh government guidance suggests that masks should still be worn in healthcare settings. The local health board support that view. However it is no longer mandatory, and so we will no longer be enforcing the wearing of masks in the building. It is optional for staff and patients, though we would encourage it for the protection of others.

Patients under the age of 16

All appointments for under 16s will now be face to face.

We will no longer accept econsult contacts for under 16s for anything other than routine administrative tasks.


Econsult is ONLY for conditions or situations where an electronic non urgent response is appropriate. It is not a substitute for an appointment, and we will not make appointments as a response to an econsult, as this is unfair for other patients.

We are currently receiving more econsult requests than we can deal with and so have limited the availability for safety reasons.

Thank you

During May the practice supported Bladder Cancer Awareness Month and raised £206 for “Fight Bladder Cancer” charity. Thanks so much for your generosity and support.


Our practice has never hidden or closed and we have been and remain, open and consulting with patients. The NHS is in crisis nationally with significant waiting times and access issues. This is reflected in General Practice. Like all GP’s we are overwhelmed by demand.

We understand the frustration this causes and we are sorry,

 but we do not have unlimited appointments available. This week has been especially busy following the bank holidays.

We rely on your support and help to use the service wisely.

Please do not make appointments about hospital waiting times as there is nothing we can do.

Routine sick notes and administrative requests can be dealt with by letter or econsult.

We guarantee that anyone who needs a consultation on the day will receive one, and we do not want anyone to delay contacting us if they have medical concerns.

Ensure letters and results are available before making appointments, and check if an appointment is needed, especially for medication changes suggested by the hospital.

For minor ailments seek advice from other sources such as pharmacists where appropriate.

Our appointment system allows pre booking of a certain number of appointments each day, but when these have been filled, the remaining appointments are only available on the day.

Men’s Health Awareness

Next week is Men’s Health week and we will be wearing blue and publicising men’s health conditions.

These are difficult times for patients and staff.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

The encouragements we receive are truly appreciated.

Thank you!