Our Philosophy of Care

The doctors and staff of this Practice are committed to providing the best possible healthcare service. You are free to make an appointment with any of the doctors in the Practice, to make the most of the particular expertise within the Partnership but we can only achieve this goal by working with you in partnership in your care. As partners, we feel that we have responsibilities to each other. The principles which govern the standards of service which we aim to provide are listed below. In the spirit of the partnership we have entered into, it also sets out what we ask of you, in return:

  • You will be treated as a partner in the care you receive – Help us to help you – being a partner means that we have responsibilities to each other.
  • You will be treated as an individual and will be given courtesy and respect at all times, irrespective of your personal attributes or your health problems – We ask that you treat the Doctors and all Practice Staff with the same courtesy and respect.
  • Following discussion, you will receive the most appropriate care, given by suitably qualified people. No care or treatment will be given without your informed consent – It is our job to give you treatment and advice. In the interests of your health, it is important for you to understand all the information given to you. Please ask questions if you are unsure of anything.
  • You have a right to see your health records (subject to any limitations in the law), which will be kept confidential – These cannot just be handed over to you; they must be viewed with the Doctor responsible for your care.
  • We will give you full information about the services we offer. Every effort will be made to ensure that you receive the information which directly affects your health and the care being offered to you – Please read our Practice booklet and other leaflets produced regarding Practice services. These will help you to get the best from the services we offer. We ask that you use our services responsibly and that you keep any appointment you make.
  • People involved in your care will give you their names and ensure that you know how to contact them – Please let us know if you change your address or name. Please let us have your telephone number.

As a Practice we also have responsibilities to our staff, other patients and visitors. Mindful of there responsibilities, we have a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to aggression and violence. Patients who are aggressive or who behave in a violent way (including threats of violence) towards members of the Practice will be removed from the Practice’s list.

Please note that following guidance from the Department of Health on eligibility to receive NHS care, if you leave the UK for a period of over three months you are no longer entitled to remain registered with the Practice and we are required to return your health records to the Local Health Board’s Business services Centre. This also means that the Practice is not permitted to provide you will supplies of NHS medication to cover your period of residence outside the UK.

Practice Area

The Practice accepts registrations from patients in the following postcode areas:

Porthcawl – CF36 (all sub-codes); Tythegston – CF32 0ND & CF32 0NE; Happy Valley – CF32 0NF & CF320NG; Wig Fach – CF32 0NH; Ty Coch – CF33 4RR; The Grove – CF33 4RA

Patients’ Comments

We welcome patients’ views on the running of the Practice and the services which it offers, both good and bad. If you have any comments or suggestions, please make them in person to one of the Senior Receptionists or in writing, either to one of the doctors or to the Practice Manager.


The Practice operates its own complaints procedure under the NHS Complaints Procedure. Details are given more fully in a leaflet available from reception staff. Minor complaints may be dealt with quickly by addressing these to the senior receptionist on duty, who may be able to solve the problem for you. More serious complaints, and those involving any clinical matter, should be addressed to the Practice Manager. You may also take complaints to the Bridgend Local Health Board (address below) if you remain dissatisfied with the way the Practice has handled any complaint you may have. The Bridgend Community Health Council also provides an Advocacy Service providing trained members who can help you with complaints relating to any aspect of the NHS.

Other Information

A series of leaflets is available explaining various Practice procedures. These are on display in the surgery waiting rooms and from reception staff. The leaflets will help you to make the most of the services we have to offer.

Freedom of Information Act

The Practice has a publication scheme which details the information it routinely makes available for patients. A copy of the scheme is available from the receptionist.

Data Protection

As guardians of your personal information, the Practice has a statutory duty under the Data Protection Act to protect confidentiality. Information relating to your clinical care, or other personal details will only be accessed by members of the Practice team involved in arranging or delivering your care, or to other health care professionals where information is needed to help with your treatment. No identifiable information relating to you will be divulged to any other person without your express consent.